Arsenal Democracy SWiTCH Trigger

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SWiTCH (Simplified Weapon Integrated Trigger-Combat/Hard use)
The AD SWiTCH is arguably the most over engineered Glock trigger in existence. 6 operations between CNC and Wire EDM machines, an oil impregnated bronze bushing, zero adjustment necessary and a safety mechanism designed to be stronger and safer than OEM. The Patent Pending SWiTCH only has two positions, ON and OFF. Using mechanical advantage and completely redesigned geometry, the Patent Pending SWiTCH gives the operator the best trigger pull possible without any of the guesswork.

Drop in Replacement Kit:
Trigger Body
Trigger Bar
Ejector Block w/Ejector
Enhanced Connector
Trigger Return Spring
Firing Pin Safety w/Spring

The SWiTCH Trigger Kit must be installed by a certified Armorer or Gunsmith. Any modification of your firearm may void the warranty provided by the manufacturer.  No liability is expressed or implied for any damage, injury, or death which may result from improper installation or use of this product. You, as the end user, are solely responsible for the safe handling, legalities and correct use of any or all firearm(s).