Advanced Trauma Kits

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  • All-in-one Trauma Kit - Great for a tactical kit or vest, range bag, disaster preparation kit, “Go-Bag”, vehicle, and hiking.
  • This advanced trauma kit comes in a durable MOLLE EMT pouch with multiple color options, with a first aid patch. 
  • The trauma kit is designed to handle the majority of gunshot or stab wounds and other causes of severe bleeding. 


(1) CAT ( Tourniquet - Recon Medical Gen 3, includes high strength kevlar thread, finger hole for easy use, and a metal windless for maximum strength and reliability) 

(1) Celox Rapid Ribbon (Hemostatic impregnated gauze, controls moderate to severe bleeding, promotes rapid coagulation. Works in hypothermic conditions and clots heparinized blood)

(2) Vented Chest Seals (NAR HyFin vented seals or FoxSeals w/vents depending on availability. Vented chest seals allow you to treat a penetrating chest wound safely) 

(1) 6” Emergency bandage   

(1) Nasopharyngeal Airway

(1) Set of trauma shears 

(1) 8” x 10” abdominal gauze pad

(2) 40 x 40 x 56 Triangular bandages 

(2) Rolls of 4” stretch gauze

(2) 4 x 4 Gauze pads

(1) Mini roll of duct tape

(1) Pair of gloves

(1) Sharpie (permanent marker) 

- BooBoo kit

(1) Draw string mesh bag

(5) Band Aids 

(2) Neosporin packets 

(2) Antiseptic towelettes 

(1) Tylenol packet

(1) Advil packet